Re: commie nonsense

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 12:12:06 MDT


>>writes: Everyone knows the only real communists are at the
>>University of Chicago.

>Brian, That school usually gets attention by allowing the American
>branch of the Austrian School of Economics hang out on campus.

Yep, the gang that keeps raking in the Nobel prizes....

Sorry, but I was just repeating a classic joke from here in town,
the University of Chicago has large groups in some of the most
unusual areas. I once read that there were three experts in the
world in some obscure language, turns out the UofC had two of

We are justifiably proud of this fine institution.

And yes there are hardcore communists there, dressed in black, long
beards, trying to rally everyone on Mayday, passing out "The
Worker", the whole bit.

The joke is about how "real" communists only exist in their pure
form in the highly protected space of a great University. The rest
are jokingly refered to as "lesser communists".


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