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Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 12:02:33 MDT

"altamira" <> wrote:
>Harvey Newstrom Sent: Monday, June 12, 2000 9:22 PM
>> Not a bot, but an environmentalist. A quick check finds :
> Given Lee's comments about ugly lesbian tree huggers, I decided to take a
> look at this person's forestry site. Was he or she an environmentalist?
> tree hugger? In fact, the site has to do with the forestry industry,
> including data bases of sawmills and loggers. The "environmental" site
> to do with how to file an impressive environmental impact report. So it
> looks more like this person is a tree-chopper rather than a tree hugger.
> Hey, most of the people on this list seem to be fairly intelligent; so why
> do you leap to unwarranted conclusions? This is not a rhetorical
> I'm truly curious.

What unwarranted conclusions? I noted that the website was "environmental."
It was self-described that way by the person who advertised it

Lee's comment about "ugly lesbian tree huggers" is in an entirely different
thread. His description of environmentalists as ugly and lesbian has no
connection with my use of the word. I certainly did not mean to imply
anything aesthetic, mental or sexual by my use of the word.

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