Re: commie nonsense

Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 12:52:40 MDT

In a message dated 6/13/00 11:13:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:<< The joke is about how "real" communists only exist
in their pure form in the highly protected space of a great University. The
rest are jokingly refered to as "lesser communists". Brian >>

Sorry Brian,
    I came out of the MBA program at the U of Chi. As you can tell I
associate the old school with The Austrian School of Economics.
    On a different level I also just finished reading Mihaly
Csikszentmihialyi's FLOW and THE EVOLVING SELF. If you are interested in his
comments on Marx you might like to look at the last chapter in FLOW.
Ron H.

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