Re: SOC: Urban Sprawl

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 20:29:09 MDT

> Spike Jones wrote:
> > With these simple steps, soon urban sprawlers will give up the
> > pleasures of long commutes, since it will become a sweating, boring,
> > cacophanous, wooden-bench-sitting-uncomfortable, knowing-there's-
> > no-place-to-park experience that will soon lead to wonderful
> > breakthrus in telecommuting technology...
> Michael S. Lorrey wrote: Spike, you are an evil, evil, evil little man.....
> mwahahahahahah...don't chew on the kitty...

And all this will be done, unless the U.N. give meeeee, one hundred
billllion dollars... bwaahahahahahaha... {8^D spike

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