Re: Exploring and Decoding Urban Ruins

From: Ziana Astralos (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 20:23:16 MDT

--- Martin Ling wrote:
> > Hmm - anyone else, um, have the term 'urban
> > exploration' randomly popping up at the back or
> > not-so-back of their minds, per chance?

--- "Michael S. Lorrey" <> wrote:
> Nah, but I was exploring my parent's garage, looking
> for forgotten childhood things. Got my old sled, and

> some antique snowshoes, but I'm still looking for
> my first science fiction book: Journey to the
> Mushroom Planet. My mother might have gotten rid of
> it, convinced it was just one more pro-drug
> subliminal message filled piece of propaganda....
> (she hates the beatles...she's a good catholic girl,

> you know <g>)
> ...

Lol... I've been going through some stuff in my closet
lately, and just earlier today I came across an old
copy of that book! I have the whole series :)

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