Re: law enforcement for profit

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 13:37:15 MDT

Billy Brown wrote:

> Eugene Leitl wrote:
> > Anyone proposing an Open Society is IMO at least criminally negligent,
> > if not outright evil.
> IMO the Open Society movement is in a phase similar to what Communism went
> through before the Russian revolution. The idea has a certain superficial
> appeal, and the fact that it has never been tested allows proponents to get
> away with glossing over its problems in casual conversation.
> It is also similar to Communism in its destructive potential. Any deliberate
> attempt to create such a society is going to end up building a surveillance
> state instead.
> > Most of list subscribers probably don't understand the mechanics and
> > the scope of control present in totalitarian states, not having lived
> > in one. Why do you think it can never happen here?
> It could very easily happen here.

Hey, I'm not the only one getting on Zero's case on this any more.... sweet.

BTW, Zero, Mr. Open Society, what's your real name? ;)

Mike Lorrey

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