Re: law enforcement for profit

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 21:00:25 MDT

> Eugene Leitl wrote:
> > Anyone proposing an Open Society is IMO at least criminally negligent,
> > if not outright evil.

Yesterday I was a saint. Today Im outright evil. Go figure. {8^D

> Billy Brown wrote:
> IMO the Open Society movement is in a phase similar to what Communism went
> through before the Russian revolution.

But the pre-commies had a choice. I dont feel we really do,
except perhaps to control the rate at which we go transparent.
You can be sure a post-singularity AI will figure out a way
to watch everyone. {8-|

> It is also similar to Communism in its destructive potential. Any deliberate
> attempt to create such a society is going to end up building a surveillance
> state instead. ... It could very easily happen here.

Roger that. Eugene, I agree that transparent society is a threat,
but that it has benefits as well. As society becomes more transparent
we must compensate by voting more libertarian governments.

Hey thats a positive spin: currently libertarians never actually
*win* elections. If people grok that their society is going
transparent, perhaps we may shock ourselves and win a
few elections. Truth is, even the most law-abiding among
us occasionally do things we dont want the law man to know
about. spike

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