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Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 13:45:23 MDT wrote:

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> Yes, last fall I got two tickets because the police checked my license
> plate number and found me on a list of people that had no liability
> insurance. They came very close together.
> Twice the Judges sat there with the evidence before them and tried to
> angle me into admitting guilt even though there was no prosecuting evidence
> against me. "No your Honor, I have received no other tickets." "No, your
> Honor there are no dents or scrapes on my car. It hasn't even been washed."
> Oh yes, in this jurisdiction driving without libility insurance carries a
> hefty fine.

One of the things I really love about New Hampshire: If you haven't had an
accident or been nailed for DWI, you don't have to have insurance. BTW: On the
rare occasions I've been nailed on similar offenses in other states, I have
gotten off by going to the prosecutor before the court date and showing him my
insurance card and policy. Prosecutors hate losing cases, and will drop the
charges given such evidence usually, in order to keep their convection rates up,
and if you talk to them ahead of time, they won't get competetive about it
either. Being in transit from one state, to another, and passing through a
mandated liability state also helps get off, since it can be argued that such
mandates on out of staters in transit is a prior restraint on one's right of free
transit, and your ignorance of their law is also a mitigating circumstance, which
also helps earn a dismissal...

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