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Chris Hind (chind@juno.com)
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 23:48:18 -0800

I recently read the latest Wired and I followed it up with downloading and
installing Pointcast on all the machines in the cafe and I must say
Pointcast Network (www.pointcast.com) is an incredible technology. Imagine
being able to recieve the latest high technology breakthoughs delivered
right to your desktop. Pointcast Network makes news a whole lot more
entertaining the way it's presented like a presentation with everything
moving all over the place. Just wait till they get streaming realvideo
which they intend to use. People walk into the cafe and become mesmorized
by the news/sports/business headlines scrolling flying and zipping all over
the screen. It's VERY entertaining. But if only we had an Extropian or
Transhuman channel. Breakthoughs could REALLY put this to use. You can
download the i-Server which allows you to create a channel for an
evaluation period. I should download a copy and try it out. That would be

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