Re: Push-Technology and Technology News

Hal Finney (
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 09:43:04 -0800

From: Chris Hind <>
> Exactly what push technology is also. Imagine content SO FUCKING ADDICTIVE
> you just want to sit infront of the computer/tv combo box 24 hours a day
> because it's throwing all the information you CRAVE constantly at you. All
> this information streaming in is aimed directly at your id. Of course this
> content will come along with a advertisement or two aimed directly at your
> id and you'll have to learn incredible will power to resist the urge to buy
> "exactly what you were looking for".

Gee, Chris, are you sure you don't work for the marketing dept at pointcast?

This sounds pretty nice, but as I said I'm not sure there is enough
information being produced in the world of the type that I CRAVE that
it can come in 24 hours a day. I might have to settle with satisfying
my FUCKING ADDICTION only, say, 3 hours a day. Poor me.

These collaborative filtering ideas are certainly intriguing, and I would
love it if some automated process could assemble for me everything new that
I would find interesting. Whether it is then PUSHed to me or I have to
go out and PULL it in is unimportant. The main thing is the improvements
in filtering.

Unfortunately I haven't seen many specifics of why changing the delivery
mechanism is going to magically cause these filtering mechanisms to appear.
So I will be skeptical about Chris's vision for a while longer.

Is there any software out there where you can tell it a set of web pages
that you like to monitor, and it will go out and check them all to see
which if any have changed since your last visit? It seems to me that this
would provide a lot of the benefits touted for push.