Re: Push-Technology and Technology News

Johnny Carwash (
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 00:31:06 -0500

>Ahh but can you customize precisely the programming you'd like to recieve
>on your television or choose from many unofficial sources of programming?
>How about create a user profile like firefly or my-yahoo to use collective
>intelligence so that the profile learns what you like and fits the
>information specifically to your liking and enjoyment. This sort of
>technology could inspire quite a number of people.

What push media also creates is an end to serendipity. We won't be able just
to happen upon something. Furthermore, just learning for the sake of
learning cannot exist in a push based system. I think you're confusing
intelligent agents, which are a tool, with push media, which is a medium.
It's like saying that your remote control is the same as tv programming. TV
is the medium, your remote is the tool.
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