Re: Heston Speech

Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 17:59:55 MST

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<< I know that you are jumping on his anti-PC views. That was not what I
 about his speech. I liked that he was standing up for some unpopular value
in the face of opposition, lies, and slander. He could have skipped any
comments about what is politically correct and simply addressed the
specifics. I can understand why you see an inconsistency, and possibly it's
real, though that's not as clear to me. But that's not what I resonated with
in his speech. 'm sure Chuck is no extropian, and I was probably being
politically incorrect on this list to post that speech. But darn it, I still
like it. >>

    I guess your last two sentences reflect what I responded to in Heston's
speech. In an group dedicated to progress must we apologise for considering
all viewpoints? Am I to be constrained by the PC movement any more than I am
by the radical right
Ron h.

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