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From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 18:17:08 MST

Loree Thomas wrote:
> --- Michael Lorrey <> wrote:
> > Brian D Williams wrote:
> > >
> > > No, What Heston did was call Time-Warner on
> > profiteering on Ice-T's
> > > song. He called into question their ethics.
> >
> > Quite. Ice-T was not once told to stop rapping.
> > Time-Warner was told by
> > its stockholders that they didn't want to
> > Time-Warner to profit from the
> > promotion of illegal activities like cop killing and
> > the statutory anal
> > rape of Al Gore's 12 year old nieces. Publisher's
> > do, in fact, have the
> > free speech right to choose what they publish.
> They certainly do! And Time/Warner was exercising
> that right when they published "Cop Killers".

And Time/Warner's OWNERS was exercising that right when they pulled it
from the market.

> Heston took it upon himself to use the tactic of
> PCness to stop Time/Warner from continuing to
> associate with Ice-T. I have no qualms with
> Time/Warner's actions or the actions of the Board of
> Directors. My point is that Chuck used PCness and
> BRAGGED about in an anti PC speech.

Being against cop killing isn't PC. Cops are 'fascist pigs', 'nazi
thugs', and regular beaters of blacks (who just happen to be resisting
arrest), according to the PC left.

> This is what makes PCness so powerful... when it is in
> alightment with your (general case) own values, you
> don't even think of it as "PCness". It's only when
> your values are different from the current PC values
> that it becomes "thought control".

Ah, no. Political Correctness is not about being in line with my values
about who it is acceptable to kill or not kill. Political Correctness is
about using excessive legal force to generate conformity with a
political agenda by criminalizing previously minor innocuous behavior.
Cop killing has never been minor innoctuous behavior, neither has
publishing music that advocated killing cops.

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