Re: We must kill God

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 21:06:33 MST

Spike Jones wrote:
> > Samantha Atkins wrote:...
> >
> > Show the spiritual people how their dreams of heaven, immortality, an
> > end to want and so on can become actual realities here and now. Clothe
> > it in God (imho an ultra SI) answering all the prayers of the ages if
> > that is what it takes to reach them and enroll them. But don't try to
> > disown a large part of the human race or human nature. That is a losing
> > position. - samantha
> Im with Samantha on this one, except for the part about clothing the SI
> as god. We can leave god out of it without a direct frontal assault.
> Religion Inc is too powerful, its adherents far too numerous, for the tiny
> upstart extropian movement to take it on. Even having threads with this
> label encourages religous zealots to infiltrate, weaken and discredit the
> extropian organization. Let us choose our battles wisely. Let us present
> a religion alternative in a non-threatening way, if possible. spike

OK. But I still think you need to enroll people spiritually to get very
far. Spirituality is too much a part of too many people's life. It is
arguably strongly programmed into humanity as a whole. Also, technology
and science alone is not sufficient. There is a question of what we
want to create, what type of world we want to inhabit, what types of
ethics we will bind our behavior by. These sorts of questions are not
addressed by science. They can be addressed philosophically outside of
spirituality in theory although in practice relatively little has been
done there. Most philosophers also wash their hands of vision and
values type questions.

- samantha

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