RE: BIO/LAW: FDA and Olestra

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Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 00:09:52 MST

>It is true that scientific studies show that the incidence
>of this to no higher with Olestra than with regular chips. But for
>some reason, consumers of regular chips don't seem to report this
>phenomenon while consumers of Olestra do. The scientific studies do
>not seem to match the experience of actual consumers.

**Because scientific studies are controled with a placebo group, and
apparently digestive complaints occured about the same in both groups. The
public doesn't have that control, and stomach problems after eating "normal"
chips will be forgotten. They read a warning on these *strange* *new* chips
that they *may cause digestive upset*, they hear on the news that they *may
cause digestive upset*, their friends tell them as they pop a chip in their
mouth that they *may cause digestive upset*, they eat the chips
and--surprise!--*digestive upset*!

>many people report severe, painful and embarrassing symptoms
>within an hour of eating this substance. Although they can't
>reproduce this in the lab, something is happening to many consumers
>of this product.

**Yeah, something's happening to them: the placebo effect.


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