Re: extropian booth at a state fair

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 21:16:02 MST

someone wrote:
>>booths of every flavor.
>Why would we want to be presented in a carnival atmosphere like that?

John Calvin replied:
because thats where the people are.

Not to mention the fact that many people will not sit for a dry
lecture and need to be shown that the future can be fun.

The artistic skills of people like Natasha could really make for an eye-catching booth. We would need several of our best people to in a friendly and yet very intelligent way represent our beliefs. It will be very possible that they will be running into well-meaning or not so well-meaning people who can debate our views rather well. Yes, bright and educated folks do attend state fairs! lol

Somehow I conceive of this booth as being something like a recruitment table set up by a college fraternity. We would be looking for proto-extropians who would join up if they only knew about us. Teenagers and college students would be a demographic we should definitely target if this idea is actually carried out.

best wishes,


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