Re: The International Forum on Globalization - More suitable for Halloween than Valentines...

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Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 17:11:12 MST

>Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 13:02:24 -0800
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>Subject: Re: The International Forum on Globalization - More suitable for
>Halloween than Valentines...
>Terry writes:
> > "We believe that the creation of a more equitable economic order will
> > require new international agreements that place the needs of people, local
> > economies and the natural world ahead of the interest of corporations."
> > They also speak about the "wisdom" of nature. What the heck is that?
> > does placing the "needs of the natural world" ahead of the "interest of
> > corporations" mean??
>Perhaps it is a disagreement with the "strip mine the planet" mentality of
>so many groups interested solely in making a profit immediately rather than
>the long term survival and quality of life of the human species?
That's understandable, but what does disparaging nanotech etc have to do
with that? If anything, most of the technologies they are complaining
about are the ones that would allow their vision to come true. And if it's
not the technology that's the problem, why do they go to lengths to
"criminalize" them and those who develop them? Shouldn't they be focussed
more on the particular companies they feel are guilty?

It all sounds more like undirected fear of change to me. Is the world
really moving that fast? Can't say I've had any more trouble keeping up
than I did 10 years ago...


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