From: Brent Allsop (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 17:32:51 MST

J Corbally <> asked:

> Anyone know anything about IM-UR? It's a newspaper written by it's
> readers AFAICT.


        I just got this from them, I guess because I'm the web
administrator for

Dear Brent Allsop ,

Your opinions in the forum of the extropy online site caught my attention.
As associate editor of im-ur, I have been scouring the forums of online
sites for intelligent and active contributors like you.
I would like to invite you to express your comments and opinions at im-ur,
a site that is quickly on its way to becoming "The Daily Newspaper of the

im-ur has revolutionized the concept of the media on the web by creating
 a newspaper that is written by its users. The New York Times wrote,
"Few challenge the status quo as much as"
im-ur represents the ultimate in freedom of speech and democracy.
What you write appears immediately in the pages of im-ur, as soon as you
post it.
 The readers decide the hierarchy of articles contributed; the more an
 article is read, the closer it gets to the front page. It's that simple.

Incidentally, we are giving away $500 every month to the person whose
article attracts the most readers.

We look forward to your contribution.

Sincerely yours,

Troy Turner
Associate Editor, IM-UR

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