Re: We are all Africans (was Re: PDAs are searchable by cops)

From: J Corbally (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 16:58:13 MST

>How about the wrong vehicle color? I've been pulled over more with my
>red Cherokee (with gold trim) than I have with any other car besides an
>old beater I had that looked like a pot-head-mobile.
>Profiling by vehicle is an easy way to get around racial profiling,
>because drug dealers, for example, tend to exhibit a specific sort of
>taste in car decor (crack dealers like gold trim and tinted windows,
>pot-heads like VW's with phish or GD stickers, etc).

Reminds me of something I saw in Virginia last year when shopping. In the
parking lot was a blue car (no idea of the make/model). It had a Christian
fish swallowing a Darwin fish.



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