The International Forum on Globalization - More suitable for Halloween than Valentines...

From: Terry Donaghe (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 13:04:43 MST

Here's what I found from
"The goal of the IFG, therefore, is twofold: (1) Expose the multiple effects
of economic globalization in order to stimulate debate, and (2) Seek to
reverse the globalization process by encouraging ideas and activities which
revitalize local economies and communities, and ensure long term ecological
"We believe that the creation of a more equitable economic order will
require new international agreements that place the needs of people, local
economies and the natural world ahead of the interest of corporations."
They also speak about the "wisdom" of nature. What the heck is that? What
does placing the "needs of the natural world" ahead of the "interest of
corporations" mean??

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