Re: _Mission to Mars_ (trying to change an unfair world)

From: Brent Allsop (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 10:51:54 MST

John Grigg <> replied:

> But would we really learn then in an abstract and non-feeling
> simulator?

        I would hope we could find a way to do it better than what
occurs now. I simply don't see why people are so insistent that there
can't be some better way. Why are people so quick to give up hope?

> Will evil/injustice ever be totally eliminated? I seriously doubt
> that but it would be nice.

        There you go! YES! "it would be nice"! That's the best anyone
can do: "seriously doubt" that something so great is really possible.
But even with "seriously doubt" there is still a small chance that
just maybe, even if only a 1 in a million chance, some day, some way,
people far into the future could find or discover some way to do all
this. What is wrong with hoping, planning, and striving in this
direction forever or until it is possible? What's wrong with hoping
there isn't yet all powerful Gods, and that thereby all evil could
possibly, even if only after working at it for billions of years, be
completely overcome?

> A french scientist of yesteryear said that Christ would return
> before humanity discovered all the keys to open the doors to all
> God's secrets, which would lead to our own destruction due to human
> nature. We will see...

        If there really is a "Christ" and such a very powerful "God",
out their hiding, and this is proven by an event such as Christ's
return from hiding, then that will be proof that nothing better than
all the evil we now know is possible. For if that all powerful God
can't do or be any better, no matter how much we achieve, we also,
will not be able to do any better.

        I don't much know what the odds are of a second coming, but I
know what I am hoping for and what I will forever strive for.

                Brent Allsop

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