_Mission to Mars_ (trying to change an unfair world)

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 06:33:44 MST

Brent Allsop wrote:
Why can't we hope that super beings, when they reallly do exist, can find
better, less evil and painful ways to do all this like create some non
feeling abstract "simulator" to find out or accomplish whatever it is you
feel can not be done without real live and feeling beings going through all
this frustration and suffering!?

But would we really learn then in an abstract and non-feeling simulator?
Perhaps a direct download into the brain that even changes neural pathways
could accomplish this? Even our descendants may balk at this. Perhaps...
How about a sim that includes all the pain and frustration of the present
world for future generations that only know utopia? I like that idea. I
think suffering to achieve goals is important but starvation and chronic and
debilitating disease among other things is stark cruelty. But again, from a
divine or extra-terrestrial mindset, it might be seen as sad but part of
life and over the long-term something that would be overcome. No one ever
said life would always be fair, whether religionist, atheist or quietly
observing alien! I know more personally about unfairness then many, but
there are legion who in the slums of the third-world could say I live very

you continue:
Maybe if there isn't yet such Gods, Maybe if there isn't yet such super
smart ETs, then maybe, instead of spending all of our time trying to find
silly excuses like this to justify why they are hiding. Instead of
irrationally trying to twist all this evil as if it were some how really
good, can't we hope that something better might be possible?

Rejection of belief in the supernatural to be replaced with a hope for a
utopian world through science and human cooperation? Welcome to the
extropian list! lol In some ways it is much easier to view this horrible
world through the eyes of an atheist. Personally, I still have my beliefs
but just not a sure knowledge that I would love to have from an angelic
visit or a NDE.

you wrote:
It seems to me that if there is not yet powerful beings like this, then we
can have hope that not only might it be possible to completely overcome
evil, but that we are on the verge of finally being able to do just that.

Will evil/injustice ever be totally eliminated? I seriously doubt that but
it would be nice. I tend to think there will always be a serpent in the
garden, a Marc Remillard, a Anakin Skywalker, a Stalin, that wishes to use
powerful abilities and influence to their own brutal and selfish ends. Will
the mind children of humanity overcome our present failings?

A french scientist of yesteryear said that Christ would return before
humanity discovered all the keys to open the doors to all God's secrets,
which would lead to our own destruction due to human nature. We will see...


John Grigg
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