Re: Oh no! or why the future won't accomadate everyone

From: James Swayze (
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 02:09:08 MST wrote:
> Briefly, Moravec in Mind Children (1988) suggests the computing power of a
> neutron star be used to re-simulate all of earth's history down to this very
> moment. Tipler believes that intelligent Life (robotic) will over-take the
> Big Bang and collapse the cosmos into 2 physical dimensions; designed to
> perpetuate and re-emulate the totality of life. Tegmark, very popular on
> this list, and the Everything List, proposes that an ensamble of universes,
> some of which contain you and I. In some of these, there are or will be
> versions of us that will transcend mortality by simply living billions of
> years.
> What seems to be missing from all three scholars is follow-through. There
> doesn't seem to be any fringe academia even to continue these hypothesis. I
> believe that these ideas need refinement.

Maybe that's because these ideas are a load of crap. There's no way that the
re-simulation idea would reproduce "me" if I had died. Not unless we are talking
time travel to retrieve my pattern before it turns to mush. There is an
experiment where a single photon is sent through a slit interference setup and
though there shouldn't be multiple lines (not enough photons) there are, this is
highly suggestive that there are parallel universes or dimensions. If there is a
me in those he is no more "me" than my clone would be. Take over the big bang?
Geez these guys need a big dose of common sense.

Don't get me wrong. I too dream of somehow bringing back all those that have not
been fortunate enough to live in this time of possibilities. Possibilities which
may lead to immortality. We need something more real than simulations in my


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