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Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 02:17:19 MST

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> What is the BIG solution? Is that the resurrection of everybody who has
> ever lived? I've heard a little bit of discussion on that. But I'm not
> convinced. In order to do that it seems to me that you'd have to recreate
> almost all of a person's subjective experiences. Sure a lot can be
> from accurate data about the person's recorded or remembered words and
> deeds. But once the brain has undergone dissolution, the great majority
> its patterns are in all likelihood lost forever. I'd like to think it
> so, but I just can't wrap my brain around any convincing argument to that
> effect.
> -Zero
Yes, most people are sane enough to abandon that pursuit, and wisely so. Yet
I chose to suspect, for want of a better word, that there may be some variety
of storage process embedded in the cosmos. Its just a hunch. For example,
physicist, Leonard Susskind, toyed with the idea if information was
permanently lost within Black Holes? His answer, from a mathematical physics
point of view is that it was, indeed, recoverable; at least conceptually.
Now would Susskind state that the human personality, memory & and physical
structure could be resurrected, given the immensely advanced technology of
the Year Trillion? My guess is that the good professor would run shrieking
down the hall to get away from such non-sense. He might be right.

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