Re: Oh no! or why the future won't accomadate everyone

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 01:31:47 MST

>From: Robert Owen <>
>Zero Powers wrote:
> > The belief system of other people is only a problem for you when,
>because of
> > that belief system other people feel the need to impact your life.
>I can't argue your point, Zero, on a purely pragmatic basis.
>What you say is true.
>But I am inclined to hedge here a bit -- what we are talking
>about are "religious" belief systems, and I am not aware that
>in any sacred scriptures in the world there is an unambiguous
>moral command to destroy human life.
>Not that these metaphorical documents are not capable of
>infinite interpretation -- certainly the Torah was the basis
>of the attempted genocide of the Philistines by the Hebrews.
>But this was war, and in a war politicians, generals and the
>rest invariably try to legitimize the use of lethal force by
>citing some passage in something that seems to provide
>"religious" justification, i.e. to prove killing is the right thing
>to do in this case. There is no scriptural basis of any kind
>that states unequivocally that Christians should bomb
>abortion clinics. In my view, this is mere rationalization by
>sociopaths to justify what they would probably do anyway
>in another connection if they could feel righteous about it.
>Perhaps this distinction has no practical meaning at all, but
>for me at least it is quite important spiritually.

As you have alluded to, the scriptures are really open to almost *any*
interpretation. The Bible has been used to support everything from the
Inquisition to conquest of the Americas to the Supremacy of the white race
to mass suicide by poison Kool-Aid. And the only real "unambiguous moral
command" contained in the Bible is to love God and your neighbor. Go


"I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past"
--Thomas Jefferson

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