Re: Sticks and Stones and Bullets, Oh, My!

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Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 05:29:10 MST

At 10:52 PM 3/13/00 -0600, wrote:

> I indulged in some name-calling, true; but when the swastika
>fits, wear it proudly, retros! Hunh? Ya don't like being called
>fascists? Well, whether or not you like the fact, it is the white dog
>truth that not only do the far-right owe most of their historical
>origins to the Fascists and the Nazis, but also, the members of
>that retro movement include a disproportionate percentage of
>racist, sexist, fundamentalist and antisemitic luddite thugs. Of
>course, they'll attempt to brand their opposition with the fascist
>label which gun gonads rightfully have historically owned lock,
>stock and smoking barrel, just as they'll call their opposition
>zombies when it is they who are lock-goose-stepping to the martial
>music; they know a good albatross when they have had to wear it
>around their own necks. Speaking of necks, I suspect that a lot of
>the cold dead fingers cabal piping up onlist are pencil-necked
>geeks who feel fearful in the local Dairy Queen unless they are
>packing their penile prostheses.
[snip more of the same...]

        i had a higher opinion of you, joe. i never actually filtered you during
the first gun flamewar, because i remembered your well-reasoned and witty
(yea, they did exist) offerings in other lists. aw well. you go byebye now.

sayke, v2.3.05

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