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Michael S. Lorrey wrote:

The only analysis done of ALL statistics in the database done was by
>>Professor John Lott of the University of Chicago. He found the
>>following, based completely on the statistics:
>>a) For every 1% increase in the number of citizens with Concealed Carry
>>permits, crime drops by an average of 1%.
>>b) The death penalty, as it is currently administered, has no positive
>>or negative effect on the crime rate.
>>c) Violent crime drops by an average of 8% one year after a state passes
>>a 'shall-issue' reform of its concealed carry statues (versus
>>discretionary issue statutes).
>>d) Spree type killings (more than one murder per incident) drop by an
>>average of 80% within 5 years of passage of such concealed carry laws.
>>he found a bunch of other things out, but these are the most salient
>>points. Read his book, _More Guns, Less Crime_ before you dismiss this.
>So when you *said* "FBI Database of Crime Statistics" what you *meant* was
>_More Guns, Less Crime_?
>And I don't suppose you would agree that John Lott is an avowed right-wing
>pro-gun lobbyist who wouldn't know the truth if it slapped him with a wet

I don't wish to further fuel this fire, but John Lott started as a skeptic
on the subject of gun ownership, and was convinced by his research to take
the opposite view. Statistics for Florida and Texas speak for themselves,
as do the recent reports from "gun free" Great Britain and Australia.

Victim disarmament will only create more victims.

Chuck Kuecker

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