Re: extro wise day

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 23:10:20 MST

> >> We extropians like to have fun, but all people have an aversion to
> looking takes work to overcome it. >>
> Actually it's quite apparent -- after reading this list -- that many of us
> here seem to have NO aversion to looking foolish. That is: as long as we are
> not aware of it ; - )

Not so. I have no aversion to looking foolish even when I *am*
aware of it. {8^D

OK lets modify the name to ExtroWise day. I thought of another
scheme here to baffle future tyrannies. We can write a java script
which will go into our own sent-email archives and randomly select
a sentence here, a sentence there, creating email messages apparently
from us which have all the same keyword hits but of course are pure
gobbledygook. The script will be set to run at some off-time,
or perhaps as a background process, then every morning at say
0300 it would mail out several hundred fake emails to a fake
address, set up by oneself. Then those emails should be as much
a permanent record as all your real emails, which would then comprise
only ~1 percent of your total outgoing email. If one is ever held
accountable for something in an email, one can claim it was
computer generated nonsense. spike

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