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Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 02:03:40 MST

Trygve B. Bauge wrote:
I have built a terrain integrated, earth quake proof, storm proof and
fireproof house in the Colorado Rockies. He is stored on our property there
in a dryice box. And we have hired a local entrepreneur to add 900 lbs of
dry ice every 3 weeks.

I know of this project of your's from television! But was did you have
Alcor or CI remove the blood and pump cryoprotectants into him? Or did you
try to manage it yourself? Or did you simply freeze him and hope for the

I really enjoyed your post to those who responded to you. I have read alot
of "talk" on extropian ventures to develop independant communities but you
really have a handle on it.

I appreciated your knowledge of the nature of profit and depreciation in
regards to ships. I had already known about the seagoing
"multi-millionaire's community" on a cruiseship. But the basic idea could
be used for transhumanist's also. If only there were a billionaire patron
among us to sponsor such a project! What would the minimum cost be of such
a project?

It's nice to know that piracy is not a big worry. It makes sense that the
large cargo vessals with small crews would be the main targets for what few
"professional" pirates are still out there.
They would not have much of a chance against a bunch of well-armed

I am glad that the nature of seagoing maritime laws would allow us to have a
good chance of preserving our liberty and not be violated by nation-state's
that wanted to meddle in our interests. Of course, if Eliezer is doing
serious A.I./singularity research, we just might have the marines of several
countries pay us a visit! lol


John Grigg

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