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Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 01:45:15 MST

"J. R. Molloy" wrote:
> "dynamic optimism" -- I like that.
> With that kind of energy we can make a paradise on (or off) Earth.
> And it might not require unlimited technological achievement.
> It might just require moving beyond superstition and tyranny.
> I mean, once we get past superstition and tyranny, we may discover that we don't
> need technology as much as we used to believe.
> Would that be ok with you?
> --J. R.

A resounding NO! I have an uncle who is widely traveled. We discuss this natural
vs technology issue all the time. He once told me that after spending time with
the Bedouin sheep herders, that he began to feel they knew much more about the
Earth and how it worked than we with all our technology. He is a biologist and
some of you would label him a greenie. You might label me the same with the
exception I feel we can save the environment with MORE tech not less.

I told my Uncle, the Bedouin would never understand the beauty of Universe
beyond what he could see with the naked eye. He would never appreciate the
wonder of the nature of atomic particles or marvel at solving the puzzles that
only asking high tech questions can lead to. My uncle marveled at the peaceful
serene uncomplicated pastoral life of the Bedouin.

I told him that IF there was truth to the god myth and the afterlife, that maybe
then the pastoral life would be enough. Generation after generation doing the
same thing as our parents did. Never pushing the envelop. Why try after all our
reward is in heaven? Generation after generation living only for deaths alleged
rewards. Wrong! Mankind could never be satisfied not asking the question "WHY".
The answer inevitably leads to progress. Progress takes technology.

Would we be satisfied if we were immortal and had nothing to do but tend gardens
for eternity? (substitute your idea of a techless existence) Not I! This was
always my problem with the religious paradigm of my folks. Eternity tending
gardens on bended knee worshipping there deity, no worries, no woes, need
something just wish it into existence! I want problems to solve! If eternity
were too easy I would be bored to insanity! I would beg for oblivion!


"Quod de futuris non est determinata omnino veritas"
			    NOSTRADAMUS 15TH Century

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