Re: Response to Eugene- you're in error.

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 09:48:54 MST

> So far Au is still gold standard in dental materials. Maybe
> aesthetically less than perfect, but toxicologically uncontroversial
> and damn durable. >>

> ... Au is NOT the
> standard in dental materials. It was... 50 years ago, but believe it or not,
> dental technology has actually significantly advanced since 1950! And your
> quote, 'the polymer doesn't age well'. I, like most dentists, have been
> using polymers for years and years, and I would choose a polymer restorative
> way over dental gold, or amalgams anytime.
> Ed Reifman, MS, DDS

Hmm. My own experience (from the other side of the chair) supports gold.
I have polymer fillings on visible surfaces, but when I had to get a crown
on one a bit further back my dentist recommended gold as more reliable.
I have since had to replace at least one polymer crown, but the gold one
never gives me any trouble. This was not very long ago: perhaps 5 years.
Is my dentist just using the wrong polymers, or are you perhaps putting
too much faith in them?

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