Re: Response to Eugene- you're in error.

From: KPJ (
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 04:47:33 MST

It appears as if somebody wrote:
|[...] Au is NOT the
|standard in dental materials. It was... 50 years ago, but believe it or not,
|dental technology has actually significantly advanced since 1950! And your
|quote, 'the polymer doesn't age well'. I, like most dentists, have been
|using polymers for years and years, and I would choose a polymer restorative
|way over dental gold, or amalgams anytime.
|Ed Reifman, MS, DDS

The author of the above statement might indeed have installed polymer fillings,
and they may indeed have worked well for the recipients of the fillings.

I have tried out polymer fillings myself, and they have never ``survived'' for
a longer time than one year. After that time they simply fell out...

To arrive to the conclusion that polymer fillings work for all humans seems
rather premature to me.

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