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Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 18:44:36 MST

I thought Daniel Ust brought up some good thoughts on how resolving to live
longer and healthier can be hard and take a great deal of resolve. I would
ask the people on the list, what are your "rules to live by for life
extension" that you both live now and also down the road?

I have been reading an excellent book,"Dare to be 100" by Walter Bortz, M.D.
and I recommend it. The book is not a dull read.

Among his recommendations are...
1. Read "Well to Eat Well"
2. Know when to eat.
3. Count cholesterol.
4. Be fat aware.
5. Push carbos.
6. Examine the pros and cons of protein.
7. Have a proper exercise program.
8. A little salt is enough.
9. Keep your fiber up.
10. Vitamin supplementation is good within limits.
11. Calcium matters.
12. Take it easy on the coffee.
13. Look at alcohol, foe and friend
14. Watch for "chemical cuisine"
15. Beware of free radicals
16. Use your diet to fight cancer
17. Buckle up.
18. Have an annual physical.

psychological factors
19. Be necessary for those around you
20. Find meaning in your life.
21. Be an optimist.
22. Take risks.
23. Stay in control.
24. Maintain the creative spark.
25. Seek wisdom.
26. Be a good neighbor.
27. Cherish experience.
28. Get high on helping.
29. Learn to learn.
30. Build memory.
31. Keep order.
32. Be attractive.
33. Recognize that sex is for life.
34. Stay in touch.
35. Have pets.
36. Keep family strong.
37. Don't take yourself too seriously.
38. Recognize depression.
39. Recharge yourself.
40. Think travel.
41. Think when, where, and why retire?
42. Make your last nest your best.
43. Be wealth fit-Save.
44. Lobby for yourself.
45. Sleep enough.

I certainly have a ways to go but am proud of myself in some of these areas.
  Of course, the doctor who wrote the book did not mention things like
severe calorie restriction diets or cryonics but he did give a foundation
that could lead to a very long life or at least one that is not prematurely

best regards,

John Grigg

Daniel Ust wrote:
That said, life style changes often have to be made too. I think this can
include changes in diet and activities as well as attitudes, place of work,
place of residence, and the like. Those changes are harder to make,
especially since they often require a constant drive.

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