Neal Marin is right at home here! : )

From: john grigg (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 18:53:06 MST

I think it's so sweet how Neal Marin, our bright young teen, has already
started sparring on the list! :) Such lines as, "I presumed that my
statement would be taken in the here-and-now" and also, "I DO know my
history" really warm my heart! Don't give'em any slack Neal!!

best regards,

John Grigg

Neal Marin wrote in response to KPJ wrote:
*ahem* Did I even *MENTION* historical references? I presumed that my
statment would be taken in the here-and-now, not dredged up the 1950's and
beforehand. I DO know my history...and I do know how sex was thought of in
america before the cultural revolution of the sixties. And did I say
naturally-engrained? I meant socially. As in American society. And if you
noticed in the sentence below, I stated:"It is a social thing more than a
natural thing, I think" and in no way did I mean "all cultures".>

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