Re: genetic unselfishness

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 22:22:16 MST

> > > Aw c'mon, Damien, get real. I speculate that you are the *only* person
> > > on the list who both read 1001 Nights, and is a fluent German speaker....
> [Lee Daniel Crocker] had no problem with the reference, and I have neither
> read 1001
> Nights nor do I speak much German ...One doesn't have to actually _read_ all
> that
> stuff we're supposed to understand references to.

This brings up an interesting point: we had a thread some time
ago regarding the burning of the library at Alexandria, and how
this was a tragic loss, etc. I commented at the time that yes it
was a tragic loss which set back development, etc, yet we as
a society need some mechanism for forgetting! War and fires
provided such a mechanism for most of mankind's history, yet
today we are seeing the library burning furiously, fueled by...
the internet. My own experience is that today I read far fewer
books, now that I have access to this wonderful time-devouring
machine, access to the web, access to this list. Yet somehow, I
do not feel as if I am missing out. spike

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