Re: genetic unselfishness

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 09:57:59 MST

> > Aw c'mon, Damien, get real. I speculate that you are the *only* person
> > on the list who both read 1001 Nights, and is a fluent German speaker.
> > A lotta folks dont get *my* jokes and they have *far* less obscure
> > allusions than this. {8-]

I had no problem with the reference, and I have neither read 1001
Nights nor do I speak much German beyond "Bringen sie mir die
Spiesekarte bitte". "Schadenfreude" is found in most English
dictionaries, along with other good borrowings like "zeitgeist"
and "zugzwang". One doesn't have to actually _read_ all that
stuff we're supposed to understand references to.

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