RE: Best organizations opposed to the drug war?

From: Ramez Naam (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 15:03:02 MST

You might consider a donation to Erowid. They are not a political
organization devoted to ending the drug war. Instead, they provide high
quality, unbiased information on the actual effects of illicit drugs.

Information about donations is available at:

Their drug information page is at:

Alternately you might consider a donation to MAPS (the Multidisciplinary
Association for Psychedelic Studies).

Again, both of these organizations are focused on education and research
rather than political activism, so this may not meet your acquaintance's

As far as political activism goes, I'm not very impressed with the
effectiveness of most pro-legalization organizations. Your acquaintance may
get more mileage out of political contributions to pro-legalization
politicians like Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico. (For an interesting
article on Johnson, read the Feb. 3rd issue of Rolling Stone.)


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> An acquaintance is looking to donate money to oppose the drug
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