Re: Cannot prove nor disprove a soul.

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2000 - 15:04:00 MST

> << The Christian god is easily disproved by definition. Given
> no definition of god (well, a very wide one) it is absurd
> beyond reason. >>
> It is indeed rare where I've met someone with such arrogance that,
> in one short sentence, dismisses the beliefs of over 2 billion people.

It is unfortunately not rare to find people so insecure in their
own observation and judgment that they would question their own most
cherished beliefs simply because 2 billion people happen to disagree.
It is also unfortunate that people can't be brutally, scrupulously
honest about their beliefs without being seen as "rude". Dishonesty
causes far more problems in the world than rudeness ever did.

It is my sincere, honest, carefully considered, firmly held belief
that Christian dogma is complete hogwash. To say anything less would
be an insult to my audience and to philosophy as a whole. To take
offense at such an honest expression is a fault of the listener, not
the speaker.

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