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J. Daugherty (daugh@home.msen.com)
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 22:54:42 -0500

Sorry, this post doesn't cut it. It is an equivocation....I never =
suggested "banding together" to fight the state. I suggested exposing =
the State as a conspiracy....spreading the "government is a conspiracy =
meme". The "anti-conspiracy meme" to which I was refering is the idea =
that "there is no conspiracy", no ruling class behind the facade of the =
State....an idea very favorable to the growth and health of the State.

Yes, of course, the Statist label anyone who opposes the State as being =
part of a conspiracy. THEY know what they are doing. Libertarians and =
Extropians don't as proven by their refusal to expose government as a =
facade for the ruling class/conspiracy.

From: Hara RaJames Daugherty:
> I am even optimistic that Extropians and Libertarians will
> eventually see that the anti-conspiracy meme is a powerful pro-state =
> and stop clinging to it!
If we band together to oppose the state, then we become a conspiracy.
Becoming a conspiracy provides a rationale for suppression by the state.
Therefore the notion of consipiracy is a pro state meme. To take a leaf
from Ian Goddard,

Conspiracy =3D ~Conspiracy =3D suppression by the State...
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