RE: Brin on privacy

J. Daugherty (
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 22:54:20 -0500

The increase in gun shot wounds occured in the US during the same period =
that gun laws became steadily more restrictive. Hard to see any =
correlation in variables here. The variables that increased during this =
period were the welfare state and the War on Drugs. Destruction of the =
African American family also occured during this period. Now 70% of =
African American children are born out of wedlock and the now the =
"White" illegitimacy rate is skyrocketing also. America had very low =
gun shot wound rates until the about the 1960's.

The American welfare state is especially adept at destroying families. =
I'll bet welfare is handled differently in European socialism. Or maybe =
the difference lies in greater social cohesion because of fewer minority =
groups? Or less intense pursuit of the War on Drugs? Perhaps the =
American tax system that encourage Suburban sprawl leaving the =
underclass fighting among themselves in abandoned inner cities? =20

> From:
> Max M writes:
> > How come then that you in the states have twice the amount of =
> > killings, then we do here in Denmark where privately owned guns are
> > illegal?

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