RE: organizers

Crosby_M (
Sat, 28 Dec 1996 17:37:11 -0500

Hal was thinking about a pilot PDA:
<A couple of people have complained about losing data through various

Yes, one advantage to these devices is their instant-on capability of
bringing you right back to the application you were using when you
last shut it off. One of the disadvantages is that it's easy to lose
what you've recorded if the application gets stuck. (Cutting and
pasting between applications is the most common source of hangups in
my HP Palmtop). The solution is to have a PCMCIA flash-card and back
things up to it early and often.

<The input is done using Graffiti, a stylized pen gesture system, or
by poking at an on-screen keyboard.>

The new HP Omnigo is new and unique, I think, in that it has a
'fold-over' screen that covers the keyboard if you want to use it with
a stylus.

Anyone planning to buy a palmtop or PDA might want to check out
mailorder from Educalc at
They mostly sell HP LX200's, Omnigos, Omnibooks, but they also sell
Sharp's Zaurus, Psion, Envoy, Netwon and Pilot. They also sell all
the accessories (beware, these can easily cost as much as the PC

Mark Crosby