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Kathryn Aegis (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 17:43:27 +0000

I'm amused by the way this debate cycles from one list to email to
another list.....but I think that this debate centers on some very
important skills that every individual should develop, because we
live in an era where we can no longer be certain of the reactions of
the individuals around us.

Anyhow, a few words from someone who trains people in nonviolent
intervention techniques. My own training in the area included
several martial arts, sessions with weapons experts and IMPACT
trainers. I learned alongside FBI agents and Secret Service
personnel, and I used to pick their brains as well for advice. Not
once in all those years did anyone suggest that this small weakling
female purchase a gun. What they did drill into my brain, over and
over and over again was THINK! BE AWARE! USE YOUR HEAD! (sometimes
accompanied by a thump on the cranium)

I've never been mugged (and I walk everywhere), but I spent seven years
doing field work that put me into dicey situations involving armed and
angry individuals. What created a zone of safety for me and the other
people I worked with was our own confidence in our abilities and reliance
on the techniques we had diligently learned. The ultimate confirmation
of it was the time when one of our dear friends was able to deal with a
carjacker and hysterical passengers in a manner that allowed her to
keep her car, her money, everyone's life and the guy was soon
arrested. The police were totally blown away by her calm and capable
handling of the situation.

I'm certainly not going to argue against anyone carrying a weapon
(and almost anything can be turned into a weapon if you know how). I
urge persons who do decide to carry a gun not to confine their
reliance of safety solely on the gun. Be ready to use other skills,
other tools, other options.


Kathryn Aegis

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