Re: Immortal Souls (Was: Space and Spirituality)
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 23:42:55 -0500

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<< I dunno about immortal souls but don't we have immortality already? If the
universe continually bangs, crunches, bangs, crunches, to infinity, then
our atoms and electrons have a finite chance of being at the exact same
location at the exact same time somewhere in the future. Am I correct? >>

This has been on my top two list of ways to achieve immortality for a few
years now. I was ever so depressed the first time I saw that someone else
had come up with the idea.

The other way is through use of the many-worlds theory. If there are near
infinite universes than there must be one where you continue on unaware that
death has occurred in another world (near infinite worlds if you wish to be
technical but I like to simplify). There are many problems with this of
course. What if your brain dead or mentally impaired from some accident?
Does that count as death? Personally, I'm looking for other ways.

Dan Hook