Re: Immortal Souls (Was: Space and Spirituality)

Chris Hind (
Tue, 24 Dec 1996 22:36:57 -0800

><< I dunno about immortal souls but don't we have immortality already? If the
> universe continually bangs, crunches, bangs, crunches, to infinity, then
> our atoms and electrons have a finite chance of being at the exact same
> location at the exact same time somewhere in the future. Am I correct? >>
>This has been on my top two list of ways to achieve immortality for a few
>years now. I was ever so depressed the first time I saw that someone else
>had come up with the idea.

Well, that does give some hope of Sagan living again. Too bad if the bang,
crunch, bang, crunch is in a time loop with no differences each time than
Sagan will die again and again. Then again, so will we all eventually
unless we find an exit like a baby universe.

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