Re: Predators and Prey (was Sma (was Healthy Sexuality))

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Sun, 22 Dec 1996 14:14:07 -0800 (PST)

On Dec 21, 4:51pm, Robin Hanson wrote:

} >A large segment of my male classmates, who thought it would be nice to
} >beat me up. They were pack hunters; I was the wimpiest male in gym
} I had a very similar childhood. Anyone who thinks children must be
} taught to be cruel doesn't remember or wasn't paying attention.
} Children were far creuler to me than adults have ever been.

And for that matter, my desire to be accepted led me to do some rather
ratty things. Might have done more, but lacked the opportunities. I
could imagine the child I was growing into a cruel and nasty person
himself, despite "knowing better".

Yet children can also be far fairer and compassionate than your usual
adult. Sometime the same child (a la myself, perhaps) can be at both
extremes at alternating times. Heartless to a classmate, yet outraged
at the sight of a homeless person. Perhaps children naturally have a
wider moral spectrum, which converges under societal pressure. Hmm.
That seems rather plausible.

Merry part,
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