Re: Brin on privacy

Chris Hind (
Sun, 22 Dec 1996 13:51:19 -0800

>I know most mathematicians work for NSA, and that NSA buys more than half
>of the entire silicon output, _but that's not sufficient_. Or should they
>have mastered quantum computers by now, to better factor primes? A lot of
>cryptomethods do not rely on prime factoring. As in biological systems,
>diversity of cryptosystems is the best protection.

The reason they don't have quantum computers already is because the one
thing the gov't doesn't have a monopoly on is good ideas. There are people
working around the world on such ideas, what makes the US Gov't think
they'll create them first? Even still I'd hope that they'd get them first
as opposed to some other gov'ts because as of yet, the United States has
handled advanced technologies the most responsibly.

>Like FTL? Attotechnology? Transcension? Spacetime engineering?

Uhhh, What is Attotechnology?

>Good grief, is there some rule to the effect that any time I join a
>newsgroup or a mailing list, there _will_ be a debate on gun control?
>Whoever is guiding things along so that I can't get away from these
>annoying subjects, d'you think just _once_ we could skip it?

haha, Curse in the name of Spontaneous Orders.
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