Re: Brin on privacy

Michael Lorrey (
Sat, 21 Dec 1996 19:15:31 -0500

Max M wrote:
> > Show me one case where a gun killed someone all by itself and I'll
> > concede the argument. (sorry, I've argued this one so many times, its
> > easy to win)
> >
> I have checked the stats on the net regarding guns, murder, self defense
> etc. Furthermore i have checke sites for and against gun control. As far as
> i can see it's about difference of opinion. We can throw numbers at each
> other 'till hell frezes over. And this is not the right list to discuss it
> on.
> Therefore i will stop the discussion. I still don't agree in your views and
> i'm not convinced that free firearms are of any help in a civilised
> society.
> Lets just agree to disagree. :)

Sure, as I didn't start it, I can be magnaninmous. BTW I agree with your
last statement, but in a "civilised" society we could all be nuclear
powers and it would affect the crime rate not one bit.


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