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On Dec 21, 11:08am, Lyle Burkhead wrote:

} The Low Willow writes,
} > in my case being childhood playground prey trained me to track
} > any large or fast moving object.
} This is odd. In my school, nobody was prey. There was no such
} concept. Did you grow up in Africa?
} If you were the prey, who were the predators?

A large segment of my male classmates, who thought it would be nice to
beat me up. They were pack hunters; I was the wimpiest male in gym
class tests. I tended to outrun them when they went after me, either
because they weren't trying very hard or because adrenaline is a
wonderful substance. One of the few times they caught me they didn't
seem entirely sure what to do with me; the biggest bully suddenly
shouted "Hey, it's cat and mouse continued" and they disappeared to
resume their normal games. The irony in the situation hit me several
years later, and makes me question the integrity of that memory. Still,
my hindbrain/spinal cord generally believed they were a real threat, and
since I couldn't spend my life standing be the monitors but had to pace,
I learned to keep an eye out.

} I don't think they should have preyer in schools. (Sorry, I just couldn't

Maybe people shouldn't have happy childhoods. Maybe misery is the way
to grow.

Merry part,
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