Re: Holidays and that Green Stuff

Chris Hind (
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 10:15:42 -0800

>Finding my self in the throws of family holiday plans I have been, of course,
>"against" the Christ- mas thing once again...

You bet.

>But yesterday I was telling my sister (our whole family is atheist, but
>always did the Christmas tree etc) how they shouldnt have to buy a present
>for me and she looked at me with mock suspicion and said:
>"Are you against capitalism, Nadi?
>I laughed... " No!"
>She said , "*That's* what this is all about...This hasnt been about Christ
>for years!""

hahahaha, (round of applause). I've never ever heard of a response like
that. I bet she was pretty puzzled having someone turn down gifts. I kinda
think of Christmas as a barter system where everyone gives and everyone
takes and the market remains stable. Or perhaps as the free market goes,
the ones with the most presents at the end of the day wins.
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