Re: Holidays and that Green Stuff

Michael Lorrey (
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 21:22:23 -0500 wrote:
> Finding my self in the throws of family holiday plans I have been, of course,
> "against" the Christ- mas thing once again...
> But yesterday I was telling my sister (our whole family is atheist, but
> always did the Christmas tree etc) how they shouldnt have to buy a present
> for me and she looked at me with mock suspicion and said:
> "Are you against capitalism, Nadi?
> I laughed... " No!"
> She said , "*That's* what this is all about...This hasnt been about Christ
> for years!""
> So this morning I decided (as Queen of everything) that it would be a good
> thing if we had a special day just for celebrating capitalism...
> I could give a shit about Newtons birthday (or any dead guy I never knew for
> that matter) but capitalism is something I DO care about..

You can check out one of my new pages:

Since when I was born, the city of Lowell, Massachusetts actually named
a day after me, I would like to put this holiday to good use. Everyone
always talks about how they wished the "holiday spirit" of goodwill
toward men and so forth were all year long. If so, what we need is a
year long holiday season!

So as to do my part to extend the holiday season by 47 days (41 if your
count New Years), as a sovreign Netizen, I have declared Feb 10th as

"Attention Internet Shoppers, you now have 47 more days to do your
holiday shopping"

ANyone else have their own holidays?


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